Le texte ci-dessous est de Terry Johnson, iridophile et blogueur néo-zélandais.
J’ai dit du bien de son blog, HERITAGE IRISES, il me retourne la politesse et j’ai la fatuité d’être fier.

« Once or twice a week for the last seven years, Sylvain Ruaud has posted an article about irises, on his blog "IRISENLIGNE" which is an amazing knowledge resource for iris lovers who are interested in the plants history and Iris nomenclature. Articles featured are extremely well-researched and the blog archive is bursting with information..
Sylvain's writing style reflects his strong opinion on Iris and he is fearless in expressing his thoughts.(an admirable trait in my world).
Whilst the blog is in French and the Google translation probably sometimes misses the mark, the blog is thought provoking and well worth a visit.
La connaissance se développe une fois partagée ».

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